Introduction to the Universal Model

The Universal Model answers questions about Nature which many inquiring minds have often wondered. With powerful evidence and new scientific discoveries sure to spark an imminent Scientific Revolution, the UM changes the entire fabric of modern science, replacing its very foundation. Out of this pioneering work comes a New Millennial Science destined to take us through the current millennium to learn about Nature as never before imagined.

In the first volume, you will discover a simple, yet completely new geological paradigm describing the planet-building processes and other major events on Earth. The new geology explains why the Earth has no magma at its center. It also reveals the true origin of lava and the source of its heat. It debunks long-held, false notions about rock and mineral creation, and it describes the formation of minerals such as salt and sand. Experiments clearly demonstrate why water exists almost everywhere, even in stars like the Sun, and how this remarkable substance forms minerals in planets and moons. The Universal Model presents a new explanation for most of the solar system’s craters and meteorites, the Earth’s weather and its energy field, along with exciting research that corrects the faulty view of the Earth’s history.

The second volume introduces research and evidence documenting a corrected age of the Earth. It then solves the mystery surrounding the formation of fossils based on experiments that demonstrate how fossils actually form. This new research refutes evolutionary theory allowing for the discovery of natural laws about life. A new world history model brings together scientific evidence from a number of fields showing the true origin and migration of the Earth’s human population, leading the reader to understand anew the human experience.

Volume three introduces pioneering discoveries in the fields of physics, chemistry, and cosmology, overturning many false theories about energy and matter. Observations regarding the measurement of mass, length, and time precede the fascinating discovery of the origin of the dual particle-wave nature of light and a revolutionary new atomic model, revealed here for the first time. Recently developed models describing air and water link together many discoveries in a new model of the Universe.

The Universal Model includes the introduction of more natural law and scientific truth in three volumes than in any other scientific work ever published. It originated from a 26-year research project that is prepared to revolutionize science with the ultimate goal of lifting humanity to heights never before imagined. The UM does so by restoring truth and order in science and by establishing new natural laws. Discover:

  • There is no magma in the Earth
  • How rocks can form in days
  • Where the salt in the ocean comes from
  • Why there is water on the Sun and all the planets
  • The true origin of meteorites and craters
  • The mechanism that creates weather
  • Where the Earth’s energy field comes from
  • And much, much, more!

These along with hundreds of other new scientific discoveries mark a Scientific Revolution in which anyone can participate. Science no longer needs to be a difficult subject with theories that don’t make sense; find answers to questions regarding Nature you’ve always wondered about at

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