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The Universal Model sets forth new natural law. Unlike theories, natural law calls for a greater body of evidence to back up its claims. The Universal Model introduces a broad array of interconnected natural laws that cross multiple disciplines which have hitherto not been articulated or defined in the scientific literature. This feature makes the UM claims particularly unique and extraordinary.

We invite all interested parties to closely examine these new natural laws along with their corresponding body of evidence. We welcome objective analysis and evaluation of the UM research and invite our colleagues from all the science disciplines to conduct their own research and experimentation in order to validate or refute the findings for themselves. We consider such “peer-review” and analysis to be a natural and necessary next-step in the process of deploying the New Millennial Science.

If the answer to your inquiry is found in the text of the book, rather than reproduce the content here in the forum, we will direct you to the chapter and sub-chapter where the answer can be found. If your inquiries are intended to elucidate yourself and others on the principles and concepts of the UM, then we will do our best, with limited resources, to respond to your questions and comments in this forum. If it becomes evident that the goal of your inquiries are intended to personally attack or marginalize the authors and/or UM discoveries without taking the time to read and understand them, then your comments will be deleted.

The Universal Model forum doesn’t allow unsolicited promotion for either personal or business matters. This forum is meant for individuals to post their questions, comments, suggestions, etc that will help them as they work to better understand the discoveries discussed in the Universal Model book. If you do not have a forum post related to this description, please refrain from posting it here.

Other forum rules:

  1. No bumping. In other words, do not repost or create a new post in an effort to have your comment or question answered more quickly. The UM Team will do their best to respond to your questions and comments as soon as possible. If your post contains more detailed questions, please expect a much longer response time.
  2. No defamatory speech is allowed on this forum towards any individual, business or organization.
  3. No profanity.
  4. Unsolicited promotion of any person or business is not allowed.

Any user who abuses these rules will have their post deleted with the potential of their account being banned from further activity in this forum.