Kathryn Spencer

I feel like it was a gift and blessing when I discovered this amazing work, being done in my own backyard! I am building new system for education and I was invited to come to a local presentation. I remember feeling anxious that this was possibly an answer to a prayer.

I had recently decided that the guide for researching science at our school (to forever berry the boring and broken model of using science to practice reading comprehension) would need great resources that held truth. When I could find none on many of the subjects of Natural Science I gave a sincere prayer. Just a couple days later I found myself in the upper Room of an Office, sitting next to one of my heroes (Rod Meldrum), just about ready to leap out of my seat!

The truth shared and the clear explanations for the falsehoods (pseudotheories) that have weakened our society fascinated me. I couldn’t wait to hear more and I couldn’t wait until it was done so I could meet these amazing people!

The experience of sharing some of these truths with my family was the confirmation I needed to know that the fruit of this work was very good! After my husband and I attend to the next meeting together we sat down with our children and opened up Genesis chapter one. We shared a few of the principles that we’ve learned and had the children read the first few verses. I can’t adequately describe with words the excitement and the room as our children continue to read and ask questions about the implications of what we were sharing with them.

Of course following these experiences we both reached out to other friends to share what we had found. Overwhelmingly I realized that much of the deer people who are seeking a true education for their children have almost completely abandoned studying Natural Science for a lack of true resources!

This fantastic resource is written in a way that is so fun to read. It presenting truths one after the other. This work is opening seemingly endless doors for discovery, understanding and new technologies!

For American Family Education, the Universal Model broke down the last barrier to allowing a student to become a scientist in the classroom. It is not our only resource as “Nature” is quite an extensive topic for study, but now students have a massive resource to aid them as they search, describe and explain, then understand and comprehend truths about nature.

I am eternally grateful for all the inspired and diligent work that is being done by the UM!

-Kathryn Spencer, Founder and CEO of American Family Education, USA