A Brief Introduction To The Universal Model

The Universal Model, A New Millennial Science, is a 27-year research project that was released to the world at the end of 2016. At that time the Universal Model (UM) became available digitally and the print version was released on 6 April, 2017. This first release includes Volume Ithe Earth System (832 pages), and will be followed by Volume IIthe Living System planned for release at the end of 2017 which will be followed by Volume III, the Universe System.

These three volumes comprise a scientific work with a breadth and depth that is unparalleled in the scientific world. Never before have so many new scientific discovery been found in a single research project. The UM is written to inspire a different thinking about science and about how to apply scientific principles during the coming years, destined to provoke thought and arouse the curiosity of not only the science minded, professional and amateur alike, but every individual who simply wants to know how Nature works and why we are such an important part of all the beauty that surrounds us.

Volume Ithe Earth System first presents essential introductory chapters on science that expound the necessity of objective scientific study, and the tremendously important principle that “Answers come from questions.” The establishment of the Universal Scientific Method, used throughout the UM helps to align the process of inquiry and new discovery across all the general scientific fields. The first scientific field to be discussed is geology. Here a new paradigm describing Nature’s actual planet-building processes and other world-wide geological events that affect our entire modern civilized world are discussed. The existence of magma which has never been observed, is questioned and leads us to naturally inquire about the composition of the Earth’s interior. These questions lead us to unanswered mysteries that abound in modern geology, such as the real origin of lava and the heat that drives it, long-held, false notions about rock origins, such as where salt, sand, and the majority of sediment come from are unknown mysteries that remain unexplained by geology’s magmaplanet and rock cycle theories. With the new Hydroplanet Model, we find hundreds of new evidences explaining why water exists almost everywhere, on planets and moons, in the outermost reaches of space, and even in stars, like our Sun. We learn for the first time how water links the solar system’s craters to the true origin of meteorites. With this new paradigm of water, we explore one of the Earth’s seminal events, an episode that left its indelible mark in countless ways, of which we document thirteen distinctive Marks of the Universal Flood. This event affected the whole Earth, shaping and forming the vast majority of its surface. Hands-on experiments demonstrate how a great many of the Earth’s abundant minerals and crystals formed, not from a magma melt over millions of years but in a newly discovered water-pressure-thermal environment in only days. In this first volume the newly found geological revelations also verify the origin of weather through the application of these new observations and experiments. Here new insights into the global warming debate are found that can be scientifically demonstrated.

Volume II, The Living System first treats the myriad of failed Earth-dating methods, and shows a number of deceptions that have been perpetrated upon the unknowing public. The dating game created by the radiometric dating method is delineated with a number of real examples showing the deficient science behind the chronological record of the Earth and mankind. The real age of the Earth is documented with new research, which solves the mystery surrounding the formation of our planet’s fossils based on the discovery of a method that forms fossils in mere days, not millions of years. Destined to rank as one of the most significant discoveries in the UM, the rapid formation of fossils refutes evolutionary theory, which once debunked, allows for the discovery and elucidation of new Laws of Life. In the last chapters of Volume II, a new World History Model brings together scientific evidence from a number of fields showing the true origin and migration of the Earth’s human population, and an introduction to the culture and geography of the very earliest Human beings. We no longer are hominid beings coming from apes out of Africa and discover what a human being is and being human requires. Discoveries about our self and the human experience close this volume which is sure to invite more controversy especially around the human sciences.

Volume III, The Universe System contains pioneering discoveries in the fields of physics, chemistry, and cosmology that overturn long-held, false theories about energy,  matter and the Universe. New observations affecting the measurement of mass, length, and time further upset many false beliefs that have derailed science’s progress. The discovery of the origin of the dual particle-wave nature of light as well as a revolutionary atomic model, which allows the explanation of actual observations better than existing theory. New models describing air, water and other natural substances use exciting novel and easy to understand concepts to demonstrate natural phenomena. By coordinating all of these discoveries and observations into a new model of the Universe, including new Solar and Meteor Models, the UM describes current observations with clarity and veracity, obviating the need for incoherent modern theory that cannot answer fundamental questions concerning these celestial objects.

The Universal Model includes the introduction of more natural law and scientific truth in these three volumes than in any other scientific work ever published. Its ultimate purpose is to lift humanity by fostering understanding and promoting the comprehension of Nature. The UM does so by restoring truth and order in science, and by establishing new natural law. We invite every reader to ponder these momentous questions about the Earth’s origins, and to ask why we are such an important part of all the beauty that surrounds us.

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Dean W. Sessions

May 2017