Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Commonly Asked Questions


Q1: What is The Universal Model?

A: The Universal Model (UM) is a study of demonstrated truths and natural laws that describe and explain nature.

Q2: What is Millennial Science?

A: Millennial Science is a new enduring science based on the new natural laws and observations of the Universal Model.

Q3: What is the purpose of the UM?

A: To restore truth and order in science by identifying new natural laws that help describe and explain nature so that it can be understood and comprehended more clearly.

Q4: Who developed the UM?

A: The Universal Model is a collaborative research project developed by private individuals, and written by the author independent of any educational or governmental institution.

Q5: Who was the UM written for?

A: The Universal Model is written for everyone. Although it is written on a college-entry level, the concepts are simple enough to be taught to grade-school students.

Q6: What areas of science does the UM cover?

A: All of the major sciences are covered in the Universal Model making it truly universal.

Q7: How long has the UM project been in development?

A: Work in the Universal Model began earnestly in 1990, albeit there were a number of previous years of preparation that lead to the first discoveries.

Q8: Where did the UM take place?

A: The UM took place primarily in the Western United States, especially in the state of Arizona, The author traveled to a number of other countries and worked with researchers from around the world.

Q9: Why is the Universal Model not written and published from within the scientific establishment?

A: Today, most new scientific theories and papers submitted through the scientific establishment undergo a rigorous review process where establishment-trained peers decide whether the content is worthy and within the confined views of their respective field. In the past, many large changes in science through new discovery have not come from within the scientific establishment, but from individuals that used an outside perspective. New theories and papers within the establishment are typically complicated, built on old theories and written to the well-schooled peer groups that continue to believe in the old theories. The Universal Model is not about complicated theories; it is about simple models that demonstrate new natural laws, which are observable in nature. This method of science is a return to the original way scientific inquiry and study was conducted centuries ago.

Q10: How big of an impact will the UM have on the scientific world and the public?

A: Scientific truth that does not come from a well respected source always takes time for many of those in science circles to accept. History has shown us that sometimes science cannot accept the truth for many years until the older scientists pass. Younger investigators have always been more open to new ideas and evidences. The public is an entirely different matter. Whereas, common sense has been ‘thrown out’ of many establishment scientists’ minds today, most alternative scientists and the public recognize error when they see it and do not accept theories that have not been proven with empirical fact. Keeping this in mind, the UM should eventually have an extremely large impact on society and the scientific establishment and cause a revolution in science. This is something that no one living has experienced and is hard for us to understand until it happens.

Q11: Are people going to really believe in the UM?

A: True science is not about opinion. It is about demonstrable fact that only comes from empirical observation. Over the years, before the UM became public hundreds of individuals heard this message. Nearly all the people who heard about the UM were interested and wanted to hear more. The vast majority of those that took the time to read the Universal Model not only believed in the UM, they came to know what they were reading was true by firsthand knowledge through observing things in Nature they had never seen before or by doing or seeing experiments that now explained new natural laws they could comprehend.

Q12: What do you want me to do now that I know about the UM?

A: First and foremost – tell your family and tell a friend! Ask them to visit this site and read the UM. Sign the UM Declaration and submit a review under the Reviews tab, then join the UM Revolution under the About tab on this website. There are a number of skills you may have and we invite you to list them when you submit your name to join the UM Revolution. We need your help in spreading the Millennial Science message. And we do appreciate financial donations that are tax deductible when made through the UM Revolution page to the Millennial Science Foundation.

Q13: Why does the UM matter to me?

A: This is a good question and every person could probably give a different answer. But we do find a common theme among those who have written to us; the UM changed their outlook on life and everything in the Universe. They explain that they now know answers to  questions they always wondered about. The UM has not tackled the the area of technological changes that will come on the heels of the new scientific discoveries. These will be apparent in Volume III, the Universe System where new physics, chemistry, and astronomical discoveries reveal new facts and observations. Who wants to learn falsehoods while in school? The UM gives the evidences to challenge the incorrect teachings currently taught around the world. If you are a parent or grandparent, why would you want your children learning these incorrect teachings? And last of all, the UM explains and gives direct evidence for a Scientific Agenda that does not include the teaching of truth. Knowing about this Agenda helps every truth seeker to not be mislead by the many scientific deceptions found in the media and in education circles.

Q14: Why do we need a new science?

A: In the introductory chapters of the UM, we find that a Scientific Dark Age has existed for more than a century where the scientific world has found no new significant natural laws. Throughout the Universal Model we show discoveries that demonstrate the existence of the dark age of science, and we discuss the need for not only a new science, but a revolution in science.

Q15: Is the UM a creationist work?

A: For many years creationists and evolutionists have engaged in an on-going battle, both having insufficient testable, repeatable scientific evidence for their beliefs. While no well-known creationist group funded the development of the Universal Model, many of the new truths discovered in the UM constitute physical scientific evidence supporting many beliefs expressed by creationist groups and many other religious organizations. The Universal Model does include physical scientific evidence for the Earth’s formation or creation; however, it presents a completely new meaning to the word ‘creation’ itself. The UM is far more revolutionary in its scope due to the large amount of scientific evidence that is being presented about elements of ‘the creation story’ for the very first time.

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