UM Declaration

This page is designated for all who wish to join with us in declaring the overwhelming need for a scientific revolution. The names shown below this declaration demonstrate the public’s recognition that, in general, science is no longer fulfilling its purpose in providing us with new natural law and accurate interpretations of fundamental discoveries.

UM Declaration

For more than 100 years, no new significant natural laws have been identified. The purpose of true science is to describe and explain nature so that we can understand and comprehend it by identifying natural law.

We declare the following:

1 – Modern science has been in a crisis and a Dark Age for over 100 years.
2 – Modern science is built on a foundation of false theory.
3 – In general, modern science is not searching for new natural law.
4 – We need a ‘New Millennial Science’.

We affirm the great need for a scientific revolution by establishing the foundation of science on observation and experimentation, rather than philosophy and speculation, in order to discover new natural law. We hereby declare the overwhelming need for a ‘New Millennial Science’ and call on the scientific community to step up to the original standards of true scientific inquiry as re-established by the Universal Model.

Latest Signatures
98 Mr Randall Jones United States retired lifelong student Feb 24, 2022
97 Mr Duane Gardner United States Coatings specialist, consultant, Dec 07, 2021
96 Mr Peter Knudsen United States General Laborer & Father Jul 09, 2021
95 Mr Gabriel Williamson United States Student, UMer Feb 24, 2021
94 Mr Luke Walker United States Student Jan 21, 2021
93 Mr Micah Putnam United States Clinical Hypnotherapist Jan 07, 2021
92 Mx. Chuck DeWitt United States Grandpa, Truth Seeker and Retired Instructor AT&T Dec 14, 2020
91 Mr Isaac Nydegger United States Former LEO and Military Intelligence Collector - Physical Therapy Student Dec 11, 2020
90 Mrs Tresta Neil United States Mother, Online Homeschool Science Teacher Nov 10, 2020
89 Mr David L Shields, Jr United States Business Technologist Sep 01, 2020
88 Mr David Butler Canada Jul 11, 2020
87 Mr William Earl Turner United States Teacher Dec 10, 2019
86 Mrs Catherine Spaulding Australia Singer Nov 05, 2019
85 Ms Julie Townsend Australia Teacher and healer Nov 05, 2019
84 Ms Gregory Daich United States Retired Software Programmer May 25, 2019
83 Ms Katie Higley United States Music Educator Apr 03, 2019
82 Mr Caleb Robertson United States Student Apr 08, 2018
81 Mr Matthew Champneys United States Spanish Fork Mar 07, 2018
80 Ms Erkki Laitila Finland Dr, systems thinker Jan 04, 2018
79 Ms Ellen Clarke USA Retired Small Business Owner Nov 09, 2017
78 Mark Burr United States Primary Water entrepreneur Aug 27, 2017
77 Scott Turton United States Software Analyst and Educator Aug 08, 2017
76 Frank Johnson United States Retired Naval Intelligence Analyst Jul 11, 2017
75 Karen Sessions United States Mother Jul 03, 2017
74 Maurio Fischbeck Mexico mother and grandmother Jun 30, 2017
73 Emily Daines United States Mother Jun 29, 2017
72 Carolyn Terry United States Kearns Jun 28, 2017
71 James Caffrey United States Retired Plumber Jun 28, 2017
70 Nita Caffrey United States Retired Nurse Jun 28, 2017
69 Colleen Huston CMT USA Massage Therapist - Body/Energy Worker HomeSchooling & Mother Jun 28, 2017
68 Kathleen Bray United States Retired - Serving Church-service mission Jun 28, 2017
67 Samantha Michaud United States Project Manager Jun 28, 2017
66 Wayne Barnett USA Retired Jun 28, 2017
65 Rolf Hägglund Sweden Electrician, Carpenter, Luthier Jun 27, 2017
64 Nancy Porter USA Homeschool mother and grandmother and quilter Jun 27, 2017
63 ROSE Arndt United States Eden Jun 27, 2017
62 David Fischbeck USA RetiredGeneral Contractor Jun 27, 2017
61 Alyn Olson United States mother and homemaker, science buff Jun 27, 2017
60 Geoffrey Sandford Australia Engineer-Inventor Jun 27, 2017
59 Bob Tuttle United States Retired Facilities Manager Jun 27, 2017
58 Robert Brooks ?? Retired Physician Jun 27, 2017
57 Richard Proctor, PhD United States Institute Professor, Speaker on Constitution, Banking, Political Situation Jun 27, 2017
56 Douglas Detelj United States Business Owner Jun 27, 2017
55 Dennis Harper USA Orthodontist Jun 27, 2017
54 Mike Perry US Computer Scientist Jun 27, 2017
53 Mary Ann Klingler US medical transcriber Jun 27, 2017
52 Kay Dahn United States WEST JORDAN Jun 27, 2017
51 Jenni Bradford United States Mother Jun 27, 2017
50 Calvin Hamilton United States Electrical Engineer, Computer Programmer, Geospatial Scientist, Image Processing Expert Jun 27, 2017
49 Amy Leach United States Book Keeper Jun 27, 2017

To add your voice to this declaration, please include your name, occupation/education, and home country.  If you have a professional designation, feel free to put it after your name.

UM Endorsement

Test Greeting

I endorse the overwhelming need for a “New Millennial Science”.

For more than 100 years, no new natural law has been identified. The purpose of science is to describe and explain nature so that we can understand and comprehend it, not to philosophize ideas and conclude with theory.

I affirm the great need for a scientific revolution by establishing a foundation of science on observation and experimentation in order to discover new natural laws. Along with the other individuals who have signed this document, I do so in order to help endorse these facts and to declare the overwhelming need for a “New Millennial Science”.

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