A. Don Harrop’s Review

I am inquisitive by nature and enjoy learning about how things work.  This nature, coupled with growing up in the early years of personal computers, tied my education and career path to technology.  One of the things I enjoyed about it was that as complicated as things seemed, the more I dug into details the more I realized it was just a bunch of simple things all tying together and happening very quickly.  It made learning much more enjoyable to get to the bottom of something and realize the simplicity of it.

The concept of science had equal attraction to an inquisitive mind, but the reality was that it offered more theories than answers and far too much debate for something that was supposed to be tied to repeatable experiments and proof.  It seemed that any career path related to the sciences ended up back in education as a teacher or professor where passing down those same theories, becoming part of the debate or tossing out theories of your own, was the best one could hope for.

Reading the Universal Model has brought the same enjoyment I found in discovering the simple details of technology, into science.  By ignoring modern theories and focusing on what we know and can prove it ties together facts from all disciplines of science, shines a light on historical missteps, and establishes a solid foundation for us to increase our knowledge of how things actually work.

I’m grateful for the author and those he benefited from that allowed for this book to happen.  It’s been a breath of fresh air to realize that science still has much to offer and that the building blocks of mother nature aren’t mysterious or incomprehensible, but just a bunch of simple truths we have yet to discover!

A. Don Harrop