Boyd Tuttle’s Review

It has been more than 100 years since the latest natural law of science was defined, documented and verified. This means that nobody living today has ever experienced what happens when a new natural law breaks onto the scene, nor is anyone expecting this to happen, it would seem that “no new laws” is the mantra of modern science today. Imagine my surprise when I upon reading the UM, learned that it was going to introduce not just one or two but literally dozens of new natural laws!

As a realist and a skeptic, I had serious doubts about the ability of anyone to live up to that claim. My rational brain told me that a new science paradigm in this day and age was simply not possible. However, the more I learned the more I began to comprehend the scope and magnitude of what is soon to break forth upon the world. One of the first things I learned was the history of science and how it has advanced in the past. Science does not advance by “consensus” but rather by revolution. This is why we see that word (revolution) invariably following the names of each of the great scientists of the past (Kepler, Copernicus, Newton, etc.). This New Millennial Science promises to be nothing less than a revolution. If I were to guess, I would think that this revolution may be the most disruptive (in a good way) revolution since Newton or Copernicus or all of them combined. Technology has democratized the flow of information in our day, meaning the power to bypass institutional gatekeepers is real.

I have had opportunity to personally verify and validate many of claims of the UM by performing my own experiments and examinations and also working with experts in various fields, (geology, physics, biology, chemistry). To date, all of those who have taken the time to examine the claims come away impressed by both the breadth, depth and empirical strength of the work.

Compared to the time before I was aware of the UM, my worldview has changed in profound ways. I now find this incredible planet we call home and the vast cosmos in which it spins to be far less mysterious; infinitely more fascinating and more understandable and beautiful than I had ever before imagined.

Boyd J. Tuttle
Legends Library Publishing, Inc.
MBA from NTU/Lehigh University 1991
Former executive with Xerox Corp.