Brian Mill’s Review

My interest in science began as a third-grader when I learned about the difference between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. I found it fascinating that the addition or subtraction of a single atom in a molecule can make such a big difference in its property. This small spark of fascination kindled a fire and thirst for knowledge and understanding about how nature works. My parents encouraged my studies and my desire to explore the world around me. eventually graduated with a degree in microbiology; however, I still had unanswered questions and recognized that there were many things which modern science could not adequately explain.

I met Dean Sessions during the summer of 1998 while was working to complete my undergraduate program at Arizona State University. He briefly told me about a science book he was working on and I was immediately interested. As the years progressed, we had many discussions about the UM project, different fields of science, and the nature of the Universe. Slowly, I began to find answers to my questions that modern science could not answer; however, in many cases it took time, study, and patience to replace the false theories I had been taught as fact. As I did so, I came to the realization that there is a dark age crisis in modern science and that to be an accepted scientist, one must not deviate too far from “established” theories and dogmas. I decided to not pursue my science-oriented career goals but instead to help bring these beautiful truths about nature to the world by assisting with the UM project.

This work is nothing short of an iconoclastic triumph of monumental significance. Although recognize that there are weaknesses contained therein, l invite all to question it with an open mind and examine it in the light of truth. In the words of Sir Isaac Newton, “I am a friend of Plato, l am a friend of Aristotle, but truth is my greater friend.” May you be forever enlightened by the truths found in the Universal Model as I have been.

Brian Mills, MAI, President of KB Valuation Services, USA