Bruce Ross

When I first met Dean over 25 years ago, he was just starting to talk about writing a book on the truth of Science. Dean was concerned about false statements in College science text books. After many questions that his professors could not answer, Dean stated, “There is so much wrong about science and nobody is willing to challenge it, or even question it!” Dean had a burning desire to get to the truth, not ever imagining at the time it would lead to him writing a textbook with over 2000 pages requiring tens of thousands of hours of research and experimentation.

Over the years I have witnessed his research and discoveries firsthand.  I loved going to his home in the back garage and being involved in many projects and tests, including, “making petrified wood!” I have enjoyed and loved what Dean was doing, I supported him from the beginning and always knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I went on as many research trips and adventures with Dean and fellow UMers as possible. I have personally witnessed the sacrifice and luxuries of life that Dean and his family have made over the years to make this book possible.  The UM has changed my life and I now look at the universe and all creation as completely and gloriously organized.

Bruce Ross, owner of Centurion Stone, USA