Carter J. Brown

The Universal Model is a marvelous thing.  When all is said and done, the UM will make it into the books as one of the strangest events that has ever happened in recorded history.  Imagine with me, millions of the ‘wisest’ and most prudent men of the world who dedicate their lives to the prospect of discovery being stumbled by one humble book.  

It might be difficult to picture because, to my knowledge, none of us have ever seen a paradigm shift as large as the UM calls for.  I personally have to keep an open mind when I try to make future personal education, occupation, and life plans.  I have to ask myself: can the UM really be the beginning of a brand new science?  If so, will this science change the world?  And, should I hitch my wagon to this star? Since I have never seen a major event completely change the world, it is only possible for me to imagine what will come of the UM.  It is too strange to know exactly what will happen with this new millennial science.

There is one thing that I can say that I know for sure; I do know that the truths and wisdom revealed in this book can enlighten our minds and bring joy to our hearts.  In this, I speak from personal experience and from the countless reactions that I have seen as I have shared what I have learned from the UM with others.  I feel strongly enough to say this: I promise that anyone who will read the UM with an open mind, and ponder the big picture of the UM, and ask the right question will have a whole new world opened to them.  

I realize there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ book.  I also recognize that the UM at first will seem very strange to a lot of people.  Don’t let those facts scare you off!  There is more than enough evidence in the book to counteract the strangeness.  This is as some would say, ‘the real deal’.  Read the UM and see for yourself.  Then make the inevitable choice.  Will you stay the same, or will you let this new paradigm change you?  Will you lay the book aside, or will you use this new truth to serve another human being?

I invite you to take the opportunity to restore truth to the world by participating in the movement of the UM, the new Millennial Science.  Taking that opportunity when it was handed to me has been one of the greatest decisions of my life.

Carter J. Brown, Student, USA