Courtney Snell’s Review

When I was young I was full of questions, or so said my Dad. I’ve discovered over the years that real answers are hard to come by, especially when it comes to science. In fact, I steered away from a science major in college, not because I wasn’t interested, but because I had little confidence that what I would learn was real.

I’ve always had many science-oriented questions about the way the world works and how it developed to be as it is today. The answers I got in school and elsewhere were far fetched and not at all satisfying: Big Bang, all from nothing, man from ape, and my favorite, a person will believe any scientific theory if enough time is applied to it. Couldn’t happen in a thousand years? Try a million, Not enough? How about a billion, then we can finally somehow “understand” the un-understandable.

My introduction to the UM changed all of that! I now have, not only the answers to long-held questions, but I understand the Process of how things work and have worked in the world we live in and are a part of. I now understand from a scientific perspective where I fit in. Every time I go out into Nature I see things I haven’t perceived before. I am thrilled to actually observe the answers to questions that I could only ineffectively ponder in the past. The UM has given me a wonderful sense of confidence and a real knowledge about Nature and the wisdom of its beauty.  It is now much more awe-inspiring than it has ever been to me.

One case in point of hundreds, I have been to the Grand Canyon numerous times, both in the air and on the ground. Observing it from both near and far above, I used to have more questions than answers, based on the knowledge I had of it then. Too many things just didn’t make sense. Like how could such an extremely large expanse of a maze of interacting canyons form from a comparatively miniscule river of water 2000 feet below?  But now when I fly over and look down I actually find myself envisioning the real Process that actually made the grand, Grand Canyon.

-Courtney Snell, USA