Friend Share Confirmation

Congratulations! Your UM Friend Share Account is Now Active

Thank you for your interest in the UM. You can now read the eUM on our website for 2 days. Click here to start reading.

For quick access, you can also download a shortcut to the Universal Model. Please follow the instructions below for your current device.

  • If you are using a Mac: After you click on the Mac download button, a download will begin. When the download is complete, open the download. After you have opened the download, open your Finder app and move the UM shortcut to your desktop (drag it from downloads to desktop).
  • If you are using a PC or Windows Computer: After you click the Windows download button you will be asked to select where you want the file saved. You can save the file wherever is most convenient for you (we would recommend your downloads). Once you have saved the file, go to that location and open the file. Copy the contents of that file to your desktop.
  • For mobile devices:  Click the button below that matches your device for more information on how to create a mobile shortcut for your device.