Gary T Wright’s Review

As the author of numerous technical articles and books, when I first started reading an early version of the Universal Model, I was electrified! For the first time in my engineering career, I realized that I was embarking on a quest for scientific truth that approached science correctly—i.e., by doing the following—

1.Questioning everything with an open mind.
2.Distinguishing truth from error using the Universal Scientific Method.
3.Restoring truth and order to science by identifying new natural laws.
4.Seeking absolute truth and making the passage of time its ultimate test.

I was also thrilled to learn that the New Millennial Science made possible by the Universal Model does not propose that accidental, random events brought about life, the earth, or the universe. Rather, it provides scientific reasons why a Higher Intelligence not only created—but continues to sustain—life, the earth, and the universe. What a refreshing paradigm change for science!
My congratulations to Dean Sessions for developing and bringing forth the remarkable Universal Model.

Gary T. Wright, Inventor of US Patents 4003091 and 4074330; also author of Standing the Test of TimeScience Proving Scripture and Expanding the CircleScientific Breakthroughs that Reinforce Biblical Truths, USA