James R. Michaud

I have always loved science – the discovery of Truth. It answered so many questions. But there were many questions that, sadly were never answered. I was told to simply believe. I remember in the sixties sitting in the church pews trying to fit a square peg of a modern-science creation – hot magma, millions of years – into a round hole of a religious creation – in cooler water and in thousands of years. It did not fit. Both sides said to trust and it will work out. So I put my questions into a little box and filed it on my mental shelf, occasionally to bring it down, dust it off and then put it back up unanswered again; questions about the creation, Pangea (one super-continent) and the flood. Was the creation from magma? Then why is Rock a crystal not glass? Why are the oceans cold? Where did the water come from? Why do clouds weighing thousands of tons float? Were all the continents one super-continent? In the 1960’s that was not a popular concept. Then the flood, surely there had to be some evidence of such a major geologic event.

Decades later in 1995 I met the author of the Universal Model. Soon he was asking me these same questions, but he had answers! I brought down my questions from the shelf. Hot or cold creation? Short or long? How were rocks made? Science has since accepted Pangea to be true, but what about the flood? He not only gave me scores of evidence for a worldwide flood but also the year it occurred, all from scientific observations and evidence!

The UM is demonstrating scientific, reproducible experimental evidence. Facts! Some of which can be shown in my own home. Like the first ever man-made fossil that was created! Imagine I can prove in my own kitchen what scientists could not show in their million dollar sterile halls. Finally my quest for Truth was answered.

The Universal Model is a breath, no, a blast of fresh air in a stagnating rot of flawed “scientific” theory. The UM with its experimental-based facts and conclusions will illuminate the halls of scientific discovery, chasing away the darkness of theoretical rhetoric into oblivion. This work demands our attention and scrutiny. It should be taught at all our schools beginning in the elementary school so that a solid foundation of facts, not theories, can be built upon it.

James R. Michaud, Pediatric Dentist, USA