Kaitlyn E. Broadbent’s Review

I have always been fascinated by science and for the search for truth.  However, I have often found myself frustrated by the lack of transparency behind scientific research. One study finds a certain result and the next finds the opposite, yet the scientific community never stops to acknowledge the discrepancies. Society seems to accept “the latest research” without question simply because it is presented by “experts.” We have been trained to distrust our own common sense and to rely on what we are told. Even if what we are told does not add up.  As a busy mom who does not have hours and hours every day to delve into the complexities of the universe (although I would like to), I was so grateful to be introduced to the UM.

The UM brings together a cohesive story that spans astrophysics, archeology, biology, and more. It exposes the errors that have been taught as fact for years and years and frees us from dependence on the so called experts. I have finally found satisfying answers to my most difficult questions and this is only the beginning.  Not only have I been able to answer my own questions, but I am much more confident in helping my children find answers to their questions and helping them tell the difference between truth and error.

Never before in my scientific studies have I been exposed to such simple, self evident truth. Anyone can understand the UM. While it explores complex fundamental questions of the universe and our existence, the information is presented so clearly and simply that you will wonder why you ever believed anything you ever learned in science class.

-Kaitlyn E Broadbent, M.S. Speech Language Pathologist, Education Advocate, Mother