Lareme Fessler

My view of the world around me has totally changed.  As a young boy I loved science.  It was my favorite subject.  I wanted to be a scientist when I grew up.  As I got older and I was taught more and more about the theory of this and the theory of that I lost interest in science and totally abandoned it because it was so confusing and didn’t make sense.  I’ve always been fascinated with truth, things that can be observed and confirmed through your senses.  I was always taught that in the center of the Earth exists molten magma, that billions of years ago dinosaurs existed and that there isn’t any scientific evidence of a worldwide flood.  That all changed several years ago while I was teaching a religious education class for my church.

One day after teaching a class about truth an acquaintance came up to me and shared some very exciting things with me.  It was as if a bonfire was lit and couldn’t be put out.  These new scientific discoveries weren’t published just yet.  For a couple of years every time I saw him I would ask him when this book was coming out.  He never had an answer for me.  One day he invited me to a class that was going to talk about some of these discoveries.  I immediately accepted his invitation.  During the class it was announced that those who would like to get involved to help with the completion of this work could volunteer.  At that moment I had a feeling that I needed to get involved.  I shook it off because I was already so busy with a growing family and many other responsibilities.  The next day that urge never went away until I called my friend and told him that I needed to get involved somehow.

My wife and I met with other individuals involved in researching the UM who gave me a few chapters to read.  After I was done with those I was given more and more chapters to read.  Soon I was invited to teach one of the monthly classes which confirmed my roll in the UM.  I then knew that I would become a teacher of the UM whether it was in a formal way or because I couldn’t stop talking about it.  The teacher always learns the most which is one reason I enjoy teaching so much.  I now know what is in the center of the Earth, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and that I see evidence of a worldwide flood wherever I go.

Lareme Fessler, Licensed Agent, Property & Casualty Insurance, USA