Larry D. Farris’ Review

Why do we teach and study science? For most of us, we expect science to be the gathering of observations and experimentation to help us better understand our world’s past, present, and future; develop problem-solving technology, learn how nature works, and discover our place within all of it. I studied the traditional high school and college science subjects but felt like unproven theories were too often presented as facts; political, financial and professional agendas seemed to control much of the discussion; and observable experimentation had taken a back seat to models and a seemingly religious adherence to scientific beliefs that were clearly not true.

I have had the great privilege to associate with the UM for nearly a decade. As I discovered more about the UM I saw science as it should be: truth found in observations, experiments, and simple explanations for the world around us.  I began to understand that each simple truth was interlocked with scores of other simple truths, all unified to pave the way and to support more understanding.

For example: simply experimenting with how rocks are formed melted away false theories about geological time, which shattered current beliefs about trans-species evolution, which opened to new awareness about weather, and all paved the way to better understand human development and fast human migrations.  Each particle of truth is independent and will stand on its own and all truth combined circumscribes as a whole which supports each individual truth.

It may be cliché to say, “my life has been changed” but for me, the UM has been a life-altering paradigm shift that has improved my professional life, my family, and many others around me. Because of my learning, I was allowed the special treat to teach many of the UM principles to my teenage children and some of their friends. I noticed that the teens, from ages 12-18, soaked up material so fast – they loved it, the truth tasted good and sweet to them.  Looking back on those classes, they have become an anchor to their lives, and studies, as well as creating a special bond between us that has lasted for years.

Professionally I have been involved with investment fund management and emerging technologies.  Studying the UM gives me an enormous advantage in the way I analyze new technology and helps me to communicate fluidly with Ph.D. level professionals from numerous fields. They think I am quite intelligent but I am really just well-grounded in basic scientific truths. 

Last year my wife was diagnosed with cancer.  The UM has helped me to be prepared to read and understand the leading research surrounding her cancer from academic and peer-reviewed scientific journals.  This research has helped her, in conjunction with her doctors, to design a treatment plan that combines the best of modern medicine with independently verified emerging treatments – maximizing her quality of life and chances for survival.

The UM gave me better business opportunity and business decision-making power, allowed me to teach important fundamental truth to my children, has deepened my relationship with them and their friends, and has given me the ability to understand life-saving research that has helped my wife in her battle with cancer. Along the way my heart has filled with awe, wonder, and amazement at the beautiful, intricate and harmonious world around me. That is science I can embrace.

-Larry D. Farris, Investment Fund Manager, USA