Origin of All Natural Rocks

Rock Formation

Modern science theorizes that the Earth was formed from molten rock which leads them to believe that all rocks originated from a melt as well. There is just one problem, quartz based rocks(the most abundant types of rocks on Earth) form out of water environments under immense pressure. These rocks demonstrated on the left contain water bubbles that move around inside the rocks. Geologist try to hold on to their theory and say that the molten rock cooled very slowly over time but logically we understand that the water clearly would of been evaporated if it had been grown in a melt. Evidence shows that molten rock actually cools down rapidly and not one single observation has been made to demonstrate rocks being made from a melt. On the contrary the UM has conducted observable and  repeatable experiments were we actually have grown quartz rocks with the exact same properties has natural quartz. Read Chapter 8 of the Universal Model to learn about the origin off natural rocks.