Peggy Ash

The Universal Model has changed the way I think about science. I have learned not to believe everything that I have been taught, but instead, to question how science concepts originate. I want to see for myself how the data has been interpreted and, even more importantly, why. There are often hidden agendas. It has taught me to question and seek answers, answers that are now available in the comprehensive science presented in the Universal Model.

The author has piqued an amazing desire in me to travel, to see the natural rock and land formations on the earth. My newfound understanding of their origin and their composition has made once boring rocks become fascinating in their own right. Having explored the world of dinosaurs with my children and finding it incredible and exciting, I am now thrilled to finally discover the process by which dinosaurs actually became fossils. With theprocess now fully explained, dinosaurs and all other fossils can take their rightful place in history.

The lost pieces that explain scientific events and processes have been discovered and properly placed in the science puzzle. Information that made little sense before now comes together in a model that fits together perfectly. This model gives understanding to information that used to make little sense. Now I can see an order to everything.

My view has been expanded, and I now see the world through new eyes. Clouds, rocks, crystals, sand, formations, fault lines, water, microbes, heat, pressure, earthquakes, volcanoes, the earth’s history, as well as the history of mankind and even the universe all fall into place. My own life has been greatly enriched by the scientific truths explained in the Universal Model. Reading this book has changed my approach to study and even to life.

Peggy Ash, USA