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Antikythera Mechanism, Living System Port

Our Intelligent Ancestors

Two different storms two thousand years apart led to the April 1900 discovery of the Antikythera Mechanism off the coast of the tiny island of Antikythera near Greece. It would be many decades before x-ray technology allowed researchers to peer inside the two-millennia old artifact. What they discovered was a complex device that contained more than 30 tiny gears capable of calculating the celestial motions of the planets, the moon, and other events to an astonishing nine decimal places! Shocked researchers reeled at the implications of such technology because nothing like this should have existed two thousand years ago. The Antikythera Mechanism is undeniable evidence that early man was intelligent and skilled, able to build a device of remarkable sophistication. Surely new archaeological discoveries will undoubtedly continue to reveal more evidence that ancient man was highly intelligent, and in possession of technology that remains unknown even today.