Pedestal Formation

How Do Pedestals Form?

We find pedestals and pillars of various shapes and sizes all around the world. The yellow pillars in the background-center stand like sentinels in Nambung Australia; to the left is Steins Pillar in Oregon, to the right stand pillars in Kane Canyon Utah. The top-center pedestal in Israel and the bottom-center pedestal near the Grand Canyon, Arizona have come to represent a symbol of mystery. We see them forming nowhere today, and it puzzles even the experts why columns of hardened sediment remain standing while all the surrounding sediment is long gone. Why most of the world’s pedestals stand in places where there is no water source to erode them remains a mystery, and the wind does very little erosion too. Until we can answer these and many other FQs (fundamental questions), their origin will remain a mystery. It is time for a new geological model that can answer questions like these simply and correctly. Learn more in Chapter 6 of the UM.