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Earth System Port, Tornado

The Twister Mystery

Modern meteorologists have struggled to understand the anomalous origins of tornadoes. Why do tornadoes seem to occur in the same locations around the same time of year? The answer is found in the heated air pressure and rising water vapor that is created when there is movement in the Earth’s crust along fault lines. This process is called a hyquatherm and is the mechanism that brings tornados to life. Tornados tend to occur around the same time of year due to the constant cycle of movement in the Earth’s crust. Another key to understanding the tornadoes’ origins lies within the clouds from which they originate. Cumulonimbus clouds with their classic anvil shape generate powerful updrafts that can lead to tornadoes as the wind currents begin to rotate. The further we look, the more evidence we find connecting the Earth’s crustal movement and weather. Find out more in Chapter 9, the Weather Model.