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UM Vol I & II, Workbook 1 & 2, Summary, & Days of Darwin!


This is 1 Copy each of UM Vol I & II, 1 Copy each of Workbook 1 & 2, 1 Copy each of UM Summary & Days of Darwin. Save $26 off the retail price of each of these books if bought separately!

The Universal Model, Volume I, The Earth System, is the product of more than thirty years of research into the science of geology, archaeology, biology, astronomy, and a host of other science fields. It takes a new look at the forces that formed the Earth and that have shaped it over the past few thousand years. This book begins by introducing a number of extremely important principles and questions that lead the Truth Seeker to ask searching questions and dig deeper in to the truth of the Earth’s age. The magma pseudotheory—a false theory taught as fact—questions the origin of the theory that suggests the Earth is a hot, molten-core planet. After refuting this modern science claim, and after deconstructing the false theory about rock formation, this book addresses the vast knowledge and evidence that shows our Earth is actually a Hydroplanet—a planet form of water. With the mountain of evidence supporting the hydroplanet model, the magnificence of the worldwide, global Flood—Noah’s Flood—fills the capstone chapter in this volume. Hundreds of examples and myriad evidences provide remarkable proof of the Flood event. The final chapter introduces a whole new Weather Model, sure to captivate and enliven the outdoor enthusiast as weather phenomena takes on new meaning. This is a truly incredible read.

The first workbook takes on the subject of the Earth Systems at work inside the Earth that are outlined in the Universal Model, Vol I. Written to help those reading the length text, this workbook makes the principle and concepts understandable and teachable. With reviews from TruthSeekers ranging in age from 7 and 8 years old, to 60, this 120-page, full color experience will engage both parents and students in the New Millennial Science. Packed with hands-on pages, experiments and projects, this is the perfect book to share with your children and grandchildren.

Volume II, The Living System, continues where Volume I left off. Beginning with the myriad of Earth-dating methods used by science, this volume shows how mistakes and deception has led modern science to perpetrated a false age of the Earth upon an unknowing public. The dating game played by radiometric dating methods reveal, through a number of actual examples, the deficient science behind the chronological record of the Earth and mankind. The true age of the Earth is documented with new research, which also solves the mystery surrounding the formation of our planet’s fossils, based on the discovery of a method that forms fossils in mere days, not millions of years. Destined to rank as one of the most significant discoveries in the UM, the rapid formation of fossils refutes evolutionary theory, which once debunked, allows for the discovery and development of new Laws of Life. In the last chapters of Volume II, a new World History Model brings together scientific evidence from a number of fields showing the true origin and migration of the Earth’s human population, and an introduction to the culture and geography of the very earliest Human beings. We no longer need accept the false notion that our ancestors were hominids descended from apes out of Africa. As we explore what it means to be human and what being human requires, including discoveries about ourselves and the human experience, we close this volume with a discussion that is sure to invite controversy, especially related to the human sciences. Questions form the foundation of all learning, and there is much we can say of this principle; it is the single, most important principle in the Universal Model, and it is more important than ever as you peruse this thought-provoking work.

The second Workbook of the TruthSeekers workbook series, Life and the Human Body, is based on the Living System of the Universal Model and takes a look into the Patterns, Plans, and Ingredients necessary to the formation of all life on Earth. This workbook is an in-depth look into the Human Body, from DNA, skin and everything in between. It covers a broad range of subjects, from Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology, touching on all the system that make us function. From our nervous system, circulatory system, pulmonary system, to our endocrine, skeletal, gastrointestinal, and sensory systems, this workbook has received rave reviews from children and parents alike! Like all of the TruthSeekers workbooks, this is a project-based, hands-on approach to learning we know you will love. It is based on biblical principles, and aligns with traditional ideas about men and women as taught in Bible.

The UM Summary of the Universal Model is an Introduction to the Universal Model, a New Millennial Science. This book draws much of its text directly from the UM (which has over 2,000 pages) as the author introduces each topic in a simple and understandable format. This simple summary consists of information from all 32 chapters of the UM and does not have all of the new scientific discoveries or evidences for the work, but is an excellent introduction to this New Millennial Science. In addition, the SUMmary is the only place you can find information on Volume III (The Universe System) which has not been published or finished yet.

In the Days of Darwin novel, Joe Daring and his friends, Grace Waters, Christian Wilde, and Shelton Foresight, as the find themselves whisked away on an adventure of a lifetime after their new pet chameleon, Clovis, reveals an exciting secret. Together, they embark on their very first journey as TruthSeekers, traveling 200 years into the past to discover the value and importance of truth, and just how deadly it can be by avoiding it. Come along on t heir epic quest and see if you, too, have what it takes to become a TruthSeeker!

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