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Volume II, The Living System first treats the myriad of failed Earth-dating methods, and shows a number of deceptions that have been perpetrated upon the unknowing public. The dating game created by the radiometric dating method is delineated with a number of real examples showing the deficient science behind the chronological record of the Earth and mankind. The real age of the Earth is documented with new research, which solves the mystery surrounding the formation of our planet’s fossils based on the discovery of a method that forms fossils in mere days, not millions of years.

Destined to rank as one of the most significant discoveries in the UM, the rapid formation of fossils refutes evolutionary theory, which once debunked, allows for the discovery and elucidation of new Laws of Life.

In the last chapters of Volume II, a new World History Model brings together scientific evidence from a number of fields showing the true origin and migration of the Earth’s human population, and an introduction to the culture and geography of the very earliest Human beings. We no longer are hominid beings coming from apes out of Africa and discover what a human being is and being human requires. Discoveries about our self and the human experience close this volume which is sure to invite more controversy especially around the human sciences.

Questions are the foundation of learning and there is much to be said of this principle. The single most important principle in the Universal Model is the Question Principle:

“Question everything with an open mind.”

You don’t want to miss these exciting new chapters that add additional confirmation of Volume I, The Earth System of the UM!

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