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Lareme Fessler

Hey David,

My name is Lareme. I am glad to hear of others that are enthusiastically excited about the UM. I was introduced to it a few years ago and that same excitement remains. There is so much to learn. I had a chance to watch most of the video you posted in between breaks at work. There were many things that came to mind but I will only point out three or four for now. I love the first 2:30 and 5:00 minutes of it as it hits the nail right on the head and points out the agenda of modern science. I agree with the timing of events (not millions of years but only thousands) and that certain events that have shaped the world in which we live were catastrophic in nature. The other point that I will make refers to the crystal formation process. At about 32 minutes ish into it we are taught that if Mercury came within 20,000 miles of the Earth that it would create tides of about 5,000 feet. I believe he is referring to ocean tides. A water depth of 5,000 feet just isn’t enough to create the right environment to create rocks. Crystals are rocks. Fossils are mostly quartz based rocks. A “hypretherm” is needed to make rocks. Hy- refering to water. Pre- referring to pressure. Therm- referring to thermal. Rocks need a water environment with heat and pressure. This is a called a hypretherm or hyprethermal environment. The video speaks of water but neglects the heat and pressure needed. (I didn’t finish the video all the way to the end if it does speak of this I appologize) To make quartz, which is the most abundant mineral on the surface of the earth, pressure of about 14,000 psi is needed. To create this much pressure in water a depth of about 30,000 feet is required. That’s 25,000 feet deeper than described. It just so happens that the elevation of the peak of Mount Everest is 29,029 feet. The depth of the universal flood is enough to cover the tallest mountain and to create the right pressure to make quartz. Many fossils are quartz based rocks. There is only one catastrophic event the earth has ever experience where the right environment existed to create a mass extinction and create fossils. The Universal Flood.