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Courtney Snell

Modern Science’s chief mechanism for significant crustal events is uniformitarianism which says that all creative forces that are happening today have been happening only gradually throughout the history of the earth, as opposed to catastrophism which says that significant crustal events happen over a short period of time in one or more separate catastrophic events. The reason the Universal Model asks the Fundamental Question, “Are there Alluvial Fans being formed anywhere today?” with the follow-on answer of “no” is that alluvial fans are caused only by catastrophic events, not uniformitarian events which require all forces to be in constant effect over very long periods of time. Therefore, the question, “Are there Alluvial Fans Being Formed anywhere today?” refers to the theoretical Alluvial Fans that modern science claims are being formed through uniformitarian forces (wind, rain, etc.). Your example, Roger of a catastrophic Alluvial Fan is an example of many such catastrophic fan events that can be found throughout the earth, many of them more recent in modern times that have been documented through observation as was your example.