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Elizabeth Anderson

Yay!! So excited to learn more on what’s happening ‘on the ground’ in Mesa, Brooke!! And Eric – great news!! I hope the give us a ‘taste’ of the curriculum for children as they go along.
After being introduced to UM and reading about it this week, I can’t look back- what is education if not the search and learning of truth? So, with the limited knowledge I have of UM, and without much of a plan – I’m going to embark on a teaching journey with my children this coming week. I’ve been trying to figure out how, and feel that the only way for me at this stage is to do as many have in the past – the (modernly termed) TJEd model of education – reading and exploring the core informational book. I’m hoping, and sure that ideas will come as we discover and read from those who have been the discoverers.
Feeling nervous, wishing there was more guidance, but so grateful for the truths and true principles the universal model teaches.