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Courtney Snell

The UM’s history is completely separate from any other science based philosophy. The UM started from an interest in finding answers to simple Fundamental Questions that had not been satisfactorily answered by Modern Science. The founders set out to find answers to these Fundamental questions through independent research, discovery, experimentation and observation. The process has been ongoing for well over 25 years and has included the discovery of many new natural laws. The UM has not made a study of the Electric Universe and is not in a position to make specific comparisons with the Universal Model. If you have an interest in the Electric Universe we encourage you to become acquainted with the Universal Model as well by taking the time to read the book and then make your own comparisons. We would be interested to hear about your findings.

As to scientists cited in the UM, we’ve never actually made a count of all of the science people that are quoted in the pages of the UM. But you will see as you read it that there are hundreds. Whether any of them are also prominent in the Electric Universe material or not, we couldn’t say. Many of the scientists quoted in the UM are presenting information that the UM contradicts. However, there are also many that present details from their research that fit well with the UM discoveries and perspective, although they are likely unaware of the significance of what they have found because they come from a different paradigm. Generally, those details don’t fit within their puzzle, but they do fit within the UM’s puzzle, and that is why they are quoted.