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Courtney Snell

As mentioned earlier, the Universal Model is not in a position to make comparisons with the Electrical Universe. Through independent research, discovery, experimentation and observation has come many answers to Fundamental Questions, including the establishment of many new natural laws. Specifically, our research in the area of crater creation methodology is more extensive, well documented and explained than any other treatise on the subject (including EU) that we have found anywhere in almost 30 years of research. One of many key pieces of evidence for the formation of the Arizona “Meteor” Crater is the discovery of the diatreme that sits beneath it and is presented and discussed in Sub-chapter 7.11, The Arizona Hydrocrater. Along with the other hydrothermal and geophysical evidences and mechanisms of crater formation that are finely detailed in Volume I, but most specifically in Chapter 7 titled, The Hydroplanet Model, any reader will likely conclude that the vast majority of craters on earth and throughout our solar system were and are made in accordance with the new natural laws pertaining to Crater Formation discovered and presented within the Universal Model.

It is expected that there may be some areas of common ground between the Electric Universe and the Universal Model, just as there are between Modern Science and the UM. We encourage all adherents to the tenants of both the Electric Universe and Modern Science to read and become acquainted with the knowledge and wisdom that the UM presents. Add what you learn to what you already know or believe and discover if you are not then further along the path to a greater knowledge of the beauty and structure of our earth and universe.