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Steven Montgomery

I am certainly not an expert on either theory. But have studied both the UM and EU. At least the UM from what is available on this website (I haven’t bought any books due to poverty).

You might be right regarding Meteor Crater and its diatreme. And maybe this is the way that other craters on earth were created. But maybe there is a mix between both the way craters are created with the UM and EU.

I know that the EU has duplicated every type of crater, as far as I know, that exists. It seems plausible to me that the craters on the moon, mars, the moons of Saturn and Jupiter and elsewhere were made by electric discharge events. All I’m asking of the UM model folks is to give the EU a fair hearing.

In the Doctrine and Covenants, it states that the Sun gets it light from other Stars all the way to the great governing one. This is very close to what the EU folks state is occurring with regards to the Solar System, galaxies, filamentary streams (Birkeland Currents) between systems, etc.

Give EU a fair shake. I think there is much truth present there.

I haven’t read the UM books because I am on disability and just can’t afford them. But if there are snippets or something you could let me read that would be great. God bless you in your efforts, hold fast to that which is good.