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Carter Brown

Wow, what a great question!

To start, I want to clarify two things. First, the fossils we made were quartz-based petrified wood, the most common type of non-microbial fossil that exists in the U.S. and the world. However it is only one type of many different varieties of fossils, so there is a lot of exciting research to be done by millennial science. I bring this point up so you know which type of fossils we are talking about.

Second, fossils are not able to be carbon-dated. This isn’t new information, all paleontologists and geologists are aware that fossils ages cannot be directly measured, so they measure them indirectly by comparing them to nearby rocks. I was quite shocked when I found how scientists derive their dates for prehistoric events. I’m sure you do not want to read me ramble on about scientific-dating procedure. In short, scientists cannot directly date fossils. You will be able to read in detail about this subject in Chapter 10 Volume II, of the Universal Model.

Ok, now to specifically answer your question, do “your fossils have the exact same properties as the ones found in nature?” The answer to that is yes. Our researchers (who have many decades of experience in petrology) have not seen any difference in our man-made fossils and natural ones. We are excited for other laboratories to replicate our work and expand the field in making different varieties of fossils.

Now, for your other question, “does carbon dating return results claiming your 2-day, garage fossils are thousands or millions of years old?” As I explained earlier, fossils cannot be directly dated. A lot of fossil dating deals with the theory of when different species lived on the Earth. The significance of our experiments show a tremendous fault in the theories of Evolution and Deep time. The idea that fossils take millions of years to form is just not substantiated and, therefore, not scientific.

Personally, I think the implications of this experiment on Science are even more interesting than on the study of fossils itself. It shows that modern science has moved away from an experimental, natural law based mindset. Into one of unproven theory and speculation. Essentially is unveils a dark age of modern science.

Let me know if you have more questions or want me to explain things further.
Thank you for posting!