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UM Team

Again, the UM has always expected this exact response from the scientific community. They will rigorously defend their beliefs, but belief will always fail when put to the test:

Q11: Are people going to really believe in the UM?
A: True science is not about opinion. It is about demonstrable fact that only comes from empirical observation.

Q9: Why is the Universal Model not written and published from within the scientific establishment?
A: Today, most new scientific theories and papers submitted through the scientific establishment undergo a rigorous review process where establishment-trained peers decide whether the content is worthy and within the confined views of their respective field. In the past, many large changes in science through new discovery have not come from within the scientific establishment, but from individuals that used an outside perspective. New theories and papers within the establishment are typically complicated, built on old theories and written to the well-schooled peer groups that continue to believe in the old theories. The Universal Model is not about complicated theories; it is about simple models that demonstrate new natural laws, which are observable in nature. This method of science is a return to the original way scientific inquiry and study was conducted centuries ago.

Q10: How big of an impact will the UM have on the scientific world and the public?
A: Scientific truth that does not come from a well respected source always takes time for many of those in science circles to accept. History has shown us that sometimes science cannot accept the truth for many years until the older scientists pass. Younger investigators have always been more open to new ideas and evidences. The public is an entirely different matter. Whereas, common sense has been ‘thrown out’ of many establishment scientists’ minds today, most alternative scientists and the public recognize error when they see it and do not accept theories that have not been proven with empirical fact. Keeping this in mind, the UM should eventually have an extremely large impact on society and the scientific establishment and cause a revolution in science. This is something that no one living has experienced and is hard for us to understand until it happens.