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Carter Brown

Hi Barry!

I apologize for the confusion, allow me to clarify what it was I meant. Yes these carbonates rocks are growing today. If fact all over the world they are growing, and I am aware of that. In my first post on this thread I was answering specifically in response to Floyd’s question, “Are there also these large sediment layers of calcium carbonate, Dolomite and Loess scattered around the ocean floors?”

The UM’s stance is that Carbonates are growing as you say in “conditions are usually right in warm, shallow seas, e.g., in the Bahamas.” But Floyd’s question wasn’t about any carbonate growth. He was asking about “large sediment layers” which if you think about the word ‘large’ I guess it is a bit subjective. I should have been more clear on what I was inferring.

I took it to mean he was asking about the massive pure deposits of carbonate deep within the rock layers, which purity and size are not in any formation process today because of mixtures of other sediments. The UM’s stance is that these hundreds of feet thick deposits were laid out very quickly which prevented different layers of sediment from forming. Also, Dolomite that in general is not forming on the Earth today, came from the hypretherm microbial conditions of the flood.

It has been brought to my attention that I specifically don’t know of any 100’s of feet thick calcite deposits in the oceans, only on the land. I figured since there was dolomite there would also be calcite. Maybe that was a presumptive thing for me to say in my original answer on this thread.

Please forgive my sloppiness, and thank you because I appreciate correction 🙂