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Carter Brown

Wow Barry!

You are here to keep me in line aren’t you! haha

I think you make great points. I need to take the blame on this one again, I really shouldn’t have said so much at the beginning of this thread because there is still more experimentation to be done on our end. In a sense you could say I was talking about a UM Theory. Which means we have more to do before being justified in calling it a Natural Law. I am learning now to be extra careful and double check all the things that I say while writing on the UM website.

It is theoretical at this point, we are still in discussion phase and we do have satellite engineers and physicists helping us along in that discussion with what they can. The whole purpose of the UM is to find truth so that I say ‘come what may’!

Can I just say, we appreciate your questions Barry. It is helping us find our weak points, giving us (well at least me) ideas for future research, and also, this is just fun! It is a great day when you get to spend your time discussing and learning more truth about nature.

Anyway, consider this my formal apology to Barry and the UM team for overstepping my bounds on this thread.