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Respectfully, I think you’ve approached publication the wrong way. You’re not alone. Darwin’s theory of evolution wasn’t submitted to peer review either. I think Darwin approached it the wrong way as well. Let me explain.

UM, Charles Darwin, and probably thousands of others bypass the process of peer-review, and in so doing take up a huge responsibility. Your audience will read UM, some will reject it, others will embrace it. UM is especially appealing to those who would like to find a way to reconcile science and Biblical religion. No doubt many of your acolytes will come from the ranks of the faithful looking for answers. These people have real questions, and their souls ache for answers, and at first glance UM appears to have them, so they will embrace it. That all sounds great, right? Imagine for a moment that UM is wrong. All of the UM adherents will have to come to terms with the fact that their worldview is wrong. If they make the mistake of conflating spirituality with UM, then the paradigm shift won’t be limited to their rational selves, it will transcend into spirituality as well.

People’s lives will really be affected by what UM is teaching. People’s lives were directly affected by what Darwin taught. Some people’s lives were probably destroyed by what Darwin taught. UM mentions that there was a scientific dark age because erroneous principles have been perpetuated. Peer review is how you prevent a scientific dark age. The fact that Darwin published the Origin of Species before gaining approval of the scientific community show that he didn’t understand the gravity of his responsibility.

I’m all for challenging established science, but it should not be done irresponsibly. The theory of evolution wouldn’t have been any less revolutionary had Darwin convinced the scientific community before going public. UM wouldn’t be any less revolutionary if you had convinced the scientific world before going public. Unfortunately, your cat is out of the bag. It’s too late to take the responsible choice.

That being said, you could still pull the website down. Stop selling your books to the public. Submit it to peer-reviewed journals before spreading it any further. I just became aware of UM today, but I am already aware of serious issues that need revision. I would be happy to help review UM free of charge.