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Thanks for your comment, Dennis. You are not alone in believing that a universal flood was the source of the geologic record we see today. In fact, flood geology was the dominant narrative in scientific communities for hundreds of years. Early geologists were very attached to flood geology because it fit their religious worldview. When a few scientists started to bring up evidence that suggested the flood geology model was fundamentally flawed, there was immense resistance. For some of them, the cognitive dissonance was so intense that they began to believe that God could not exist if flood geology was wrong. They proposed that scientific research be guided by the Bible.

My point is that over a hundred years ago these scientists were convinced by flood geology, just like you are today Dennis. They were just as uncomfortable with modern geology as you are today. But in the light of overwhelming evidence, the scientific community shifted away from flood geology even though they had to undergo an uncomfortable paradigm shift to get there. Dennis, have you considered reading how modern geology came to win over the vast majority of flood geologists over 100 years ago?

Also, the marginalization of flood geology didn’t lead to the death of religion. I went to school at BYU, where they teach modern geology. My peers were able to balance their faith with modern geology. I’ll bet there is a religious professor of geology at SUU who would be thrilled to sit down with you and address your concerns. Have you considered hearing what a modern geologist has to say regarding flood geology?

UM team, this is exactly what I’m worried about. By neglecting your responsibility to go through the peer-review process yourselves, you pass that responsibility on to your audience. How many of them are going to take the time to peer-review your science, and look for critical opinions? What you’ve done is immoral and irresponsible.