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Courtney Snell

Barry, you make claims in your first paragraph that are not supported in the text of your argument. This is especially true in regard to the author of the UM. Additionally, the evidence that you do provide, which you claimed that the UM withheld, only serves to support the UM model.

Your premise is that modern science also claims that granite and other forms of quartz based rock can and has been created in the lab. Upon that we agree. But your suggestion is that they are made from a magmatic type (or heat only) melt as they would be found naturally in modern science’s paradigm. However, the source that you provide as proof for this idea is from a neighboring paragraph to one that the UM quotes as well, “experiments show that feldspars of the size and shape typical of plutonic rocks can be grown in a matter of days or weeks in the laboratory…. Peak growth rates of feldspar and quartz in hydrous granitic melts are in the range of 10^-6 to 10^-8 cm/sec, and growth rates of plagioclase, pyroxene, and olivine are even greater in more depolymerized melts.” You fail to point out that these laboratory tests are performed in hydrous (water) environments rather than magmatic (magma) environments which would be reflective of the natural environment championed by modern science.

So, you are using a Universal Model style experiment which includes water, pressure and heat to try to disprove the Universal Model and then claim that crystals really do come from melted magma. The UM would call that the Mingle – mingling truth with error.