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Courtney Snell


Seeing as you haven’t read the Universal Model, it is hard to understand how you can come to any scientific conclusion regarding the book or the evidences it contains. If you are a proponent of the scientific ideology of research and experimentation, why have you not applied it here? As you stated in your post, “Science, however, is not a belief system. Science is reaching conclusions from empirical evidence and observation.” We whole heartedly agree with that statement, which is partly why the UM was started and launched. Modern Science has been asking us to simply believe in pseudotheories like magma and so many others as if they are fact, while failing to provide empirical evidence or observation of such.

You can find our answer to questions similar to the ones you listed in another forum discussion by clicking here. Feel free to read more of the Universal Model for free by visiting the Free Sample page here. We again encourage you to read the entire Volume I Universal Model book and study the evidences it gives rather than blindly making assumptions regarding the discoveries.

Also, with regard to your concern for children being taught something other than long standing theories, the UM has had significant experience teaching these new discoveries to children. They have easily learned the new ideas because they are simple and make sense when they can see for themselves how nature actually works. We look forward to releasing curriculums, videos and many other UM materials in the future to better aid in that progress.

Lastly, we would ask that you keep in mind that, per the forum rules, if it becomes evident that the goal of your inquiries are intended to personally attack or marginalize the authors and/or UM discoveries without taking the time to read and understand them, then your comments will be deleted.

Thank you