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I apologize if my remarks were taken as personal attacks. That was not their intention. I was merely posing the question of whether the UM should be offered as curriculum and giving my opinion. I feel like this is very valid question. The UM takes an incredibly strong stance against modern science. If the UM is correct then that means huge unifying principles from Geology, Physics, Biology, Astronomy, and Anthropology are in fact wrong. My point is that before the UM is taught as “truth” or even “plausible” it needs to undergo a rigorous review process where the methods and results are carefully looked at and experiments are proven to be accurate and repeatable. This is something I feel parents need to be aware of.

As far as the claim that I haven’t applied my own scientific ideology. I have seriously looked at all the material on your website, watched your presentation videos, and read various discussion forums which the UM has participated in. Each of these is an opportunity for the UM to defend their research, yet time and time again I find large errors in explaining the current scientific principles that the UM is attempting to refute. In addition to this, it appears as though the UM is unable to explain some major claims with regard to the mass of the earth.

This last issue is just one example of something that I feel the UM must resolve before it can be considered appropriate for curriculum.