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Courtney Snell

Casey, your concern about the UM is noted and we understand it because it is the same concern that we and many others have had about modern science’s theories. Hundred year old theories continue to be taught to children that have never been proven, yet they continue to be taught as fact. To suggest that the UM has nothing of value to present for instruction is both dishonest, prejudiced and sloppy review. Any current student of academic science today in high school or college has the same dilemma of deciding what portions they can agree with and which they believe to be wrong. Why should their study of the UM be different. Professional scientists are welcome to review our discoveries, evidence and conclusions. We recognize that they will often come to a different conclusion on certain issues than the UM because their paradigm is so different and so well entrenched.

We also recognize that a large portion of the general public do not agree with many of modern science’s general theories or resultant paradigm. The UM is written for this portion of the public because they continue to search for real explanations for how our world works and are uncomfortable with modern science’s rendition. They are the peer group that the UM is concerned with. Professional scientists will likely be the last group within human society that will recognize the discoveries of the UM and we accept that. The UM does not claim to be the final word, but rather will always be open to new possibilities and ideas if they are accompanied by verifiable evidence, not just theory. One should not “review” the UM without actually reading the evidences presented. One last thing, the complete evidence of the UM’s position on the earth’s mass and gravitation has not yet been completed or made available to the public. Therefore, your “review” of it is incomplete. That information will come in volume three. Stay tuned!