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Courtney, thanks for replying. Before we can start a discussion, I think it would be valuable to make sure we are on the same topic.

What do you define as a loess deposit?
How does UM explain loess deposits?

Geologist define a loess deposit as accumulated windblown dust. There are several of these in China and Mongolia that we can use as an example of the current analogues. I thought Carter was implying that floods created loess deposition? If this is the UM model for loess deposits, do you have any evidences of sedimentary features that suggest these loess deposits formed in a high energy water environment?

Define what you mean by “contaminates” and “pure”. This is a very general term and can be used for very different meanings. I don’t know what you mean. Also can you explain which deposits your are referring to.

Lastly I did not intend to infer that a single dust storm creates a “huge” loess deposit. Loess deposition rates are usually relatively slow(mm per year) in accumulation. I was attempting to show that there is current loess type deposits being formed off the coast of Africa in the ocean. But basically I just really like that gif.

Here are several papers on loess deposits that answer your last question.
The nature, origin and accumulation of loess
K. Pye

The onset of extensive loess deposition around the G/M boundary in China and its palaeoclimatic implications
Zhongli Ding. Nat W. Rutter. Tungsheng Liu.

A review of current research on TL dating of loess
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Chronologic evidence for multiple periods of loess deposition during the Late Pleistocene in the Missouri and Mississippi River Valley, United States: Implications for the activity of the Laurentide ice sheet
Steven L. Forman. E. Arthur Bettis III. Timothy J. Kemmis. Barry B. Miller.

Holocene loess sedimentation along the Qilian Shan (China): significance for understanding the processes and timing of loess deposition
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