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Courtney Snell

Colin, Colin, if you want to know what the UM says about Loess, read the book! I’m not going to try to carry on a conversation to explain what takes pages in the book to describe. Its all there, very plainly laid out. Please take the time to read it and then we can discuss here what it means if you want. Obviously the UM disagrees with what modern science says about loess formulation or there wouldn’t be pages upon pages in the book about it. I must tell you though, in order to totally understand the processes discussed for loess formulation you will need to start at the beginning of chapter 5 in the UM. Just keep reading until you get there and all will be understandable. There are significant difficulties with modern science’s version of loess formulation which are quoted from the original sources in the book. So, some of that may be familiar to you. Let’s carry on this discussion when you get done if you want.