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Frank JohnsonFrank Johnson

Well,Barry, I’m retired and although you may think that I have so much time on my hands that the subject of glass ought to induce me “to put forth a little effort and look up a few books in a university library to find out who’s telling the truth” I choose to spend my time more productively than that. But in deference to you I did spend some time googling the subject of glass coming out of a melt. The most succinct result of my efforts were these quotes: “In nature,glasses are formed when sand/or rocks, often high in silica, are heated to high temperatures and then cooled rapidly.”
“Glass is created when molten material cools so rapidly that there is not enough time for crystaline structures to form.”

So apparently it all depends on how rapidly the molten material cools as to whether there is a crystalline nature to the resulting volcanic glass. Does that resolve the differences between you and Sessions on the subject? And if it does not, should it make any difference to me or anyone else as far as the UM is concerned? Why must I spend hours in some university libary consulting a variety of books, as opposed to just accepting the above definitions and focusing on more important subjects such as evidences for the Flood? I don’t know about Widstoe, but I do know that Nibley was as wrong anybody else when he apparently bought into the idea that Central America was the geographic location for the Book of Mormon. If he had lived long enough he would know that modern evidence,such as DNA connections with American indians,and the Hopewell Mound builders, supports the United States as the geographic center.

Next time, Barry, I will take you up on your offer to debate specific evidences for the Flood, as presented in the UM. That should be fun–for me at least, as a non scientist who is not checked out on the various mathematical formulae that you so love to reference.