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Carter Brown

Hi Martin,

We find some of the Creation history of the Earth recorded in scripture but no significant detail concerning the history of other Celestial objects except for some mention of the Moon. The Sun’s light is also discussed, but we don’t have any clear evidence of its age. Various star’s are mentioned but it is their light that we find discussed in general in ancient history, not the details of creation nor the time involved in creating other stars or galaxies.

As far as the speed of light goes, the UM has made some significant discoveries on this topic that will be explained in Volume III. These new observations will open our understanding to former measurements of the Universe, which have errors just like we find in all other areas of science where old theories have been held onto for decades without any physical evidence demonstrating their validity.

I hope this helps and encourages you to continue your reading of Volume I so you will be ready for when Volume II comes out!

This is a quick response, let me know if you would like to discuss anything in more detail 🙂 ( I will do my best to answer as long as it doesn’t pertain to Volume II or III specifics)