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Interesting discussion. I Do not believe in the idea that the water from the flood came from beneath the surface. I believe it came from above the earth and was let loose at the time of the Flood. There is too much evidence that the earth core is made of Iron. For one thing the earth magnetic field is based on a core of iron. I must admit that I am new here however and have not read the UM as of yet. But I like the idea of a universal flood. I’ve always believed in the flood from my earliest days. I’m a retired geologist and have always believed in the flood even though I sat through all the dogma that was presented in school.

This is where I get the idea of the water above the earth- at the time of creation according to Genesis 1:7 the Lord created a firmament that divided the water from up above from that which was below. The word firmament in Hebrew means hammered out or something hard. I have a friend that studied with the rabbi’s in Israel years ago. He found in the ancient writings that before the flood the earth was more of a terrarium. This hammered out layer existed over the entire earth and was supported at the poles by what the ancients called the pillars of heaven. At the time of the flood the firmament and pillars were removed and the water came down.

So I can agree with the idea of a Universal flood and for me it was a reality. But the mechanism is something that needs to be discussed. We don’t need to throw out some good science that has been done on this and accept something that isn’t plausible.

One thing that you’ll have to do is meld the scriptures in with the debate. Yes there is plenty of evidence that the universal flood was reality and can be found in rock layers, but some aspects of it cannot be understood without the records of the ancients. Ira