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Dennis W Cox

Hi this is Dennis from Cedar City,
Barry I have read many of your responses on the UM. I won’t pretend that I can keep up with all your scientific techno speak. It is a little overwhelming. However It doesn’t matter what you say to criticize the UM even though they will be the first to admit they haven’t got everything figured out yet! I think if you were honest with yourself you would admit to many many incredible truths that Dean has put forth.

I have lived nearly my whole life in Central Utah near the San Rafael Swell which includes the Wedge overlook and have asked the smartest people I could find over the years how that formation took place. How does a river flow through a bulge and make a mini grand canyon? Why are the fossils located in the upper layers and of the canyon? Nothing has ever gotten close to explaining it like the UM. You see Barry I don’t believe that you don’t have to be a PhD in Geology or any other degree to recognize truth. What the UM has presented just makes sense and my gut tells me it’s true. In fact I am currently excited once again about Geology and the beautiful formations around me that I am trying out the experiments from the UM. For example I have been told all my life that the big black deposits on the mountains and hills around Southern Utah were from Lava. Last week I gather up a few samples from a Basalt deposit with the black hexagon shapes on my way to St. George and ran the UM experiment. Sure enough as I heated these rocks with my torch the rock melted. Very Cool. I confirmed it was not from lava at al or it would have already melted.

I ordered a dozen enhydra quartz pieces off ebay a few weeks ago. It is so amazing that the crust is mostly made of silicates and I have possession of samples that not only have water bubbles in them but tiny drops of petroleum also. Not something that could have been near magma. I also gathered up a few rocks in my yard and took them in the closet to see the mass of sparks that is generated when rubbed together confirming the piezoelectric quality in quartz. I look forward to putting quartz in a vise and seeing how quartz can generate electricity with my grandkids. I now have confirmed that quartz was never magma or lava formed or the spark or electrical quality in quartz would have been destroyed. I now understand the earth is not like a bar magnet for if magma was present the magnetic quality would have been destroyed also in a magma environment. As I keep reading more and more it all make sense. I have never been so excited about a subject for years! I wish you well but the cat is out of the bag! There really is a dark age but because of the UM the light is breaking out and it will never be stuffed back into the box! Thanks to the great work of Dean Sessions and all his family and associates. Truly a courageous Hero in my book to buck the godless pseudo theories that have been taught as truth my whole life!! My grandchildren and friends will know the truth! Hurrah for new truths and discoveries!! Dennis Cox