UM Review Program

Review Program Introduction

The Universal Model is seeking objective science enthusiasts, especially students and professionals who have been educated or have experience in the various fields of science, to participate in our new UM Review Program. Participants will receive full access to the Universal Model textbook for a period of 90 days to allow the reviewer adequate time to read and study Volume I. The written reviews we receive from participants may be published in the Reviews portion of our website.

Those accepted as reviewers of the Universal Model will be required to read through our website to become familiar with some of the UM claims and discoveries and then will be asked to submit a 300+ word review prior to receiving access to the book. This review should briefly describe the science education the participant has received in formal schooling and/or any experience the person has had in their respective field of science since graduation. The review should also include impressions they have had of the Universal Model claims. After the 90 day period is over, the participant will submit a 500+ word review of the UM’s claims and evidences. We will then offer unlimited access to the book at a significant discount. We ask that the participant explains whether any of their personal views and positions have changed regarding the new scientific discoveries discussed.

After providing the post-review, the participant will be given a discount code with the option to purchase the book for unlimited access at the following rates: professionals and educators will be able to purchase access to the digital book for $19.75 (60% discount off retail) and students can access the book for $9.95 (80% discount off retail).

We look forward to involving more students and professionals in the scientific community with the research presented in the Universal Model. To apply to the program, please carefully complete the form below. For more information, please contact Jacob at Thank you!

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