Tom Barratt

My 68 years of life has taught me that without an open mind I cannot learn past the norm. Striking out searching for new horizons is not for the faint hearted. To climb the mountain of truth one must leave the comfort of the valley. Universal Model is a mountain of truth. The search for truth does not have to be complicated. It does not have to be masked in higher learning, educational degrees, positions of authority, debates, tenure, or highly specialized fields. Truth seekers do not let past traditions and set paradigms put them in a box. They follow truth wherever it takes them. Progression is a sense of satisfaction hardly duplicated. Universal Model can be taught to children as soon as you understand the basic principles of it. Our children do ask us questions and we should be asking our own questions. The principles of Universal Model will stimulate anyone who wants an overall view of all about them. Who does not want to know where they came from? Those who are too busy to learn should take a walk and look about them and smell the roses. The rat race of life was never meant to be a substitute for the love of truth. Thank you and thank you Universal Model.

-Tom Barratt, Dentist, USA