Victor C. Crane

The UM for me has been a bitter sweet journey. I am a recent graduate (5/2015) from the University of Utah, where I obtained my B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering with a minor in chemistry. I have always had a passion for science and engineering and really enjoy performing experiments to find answers to questions. So when I first heard about the UM and what it teaches I was a little skeptical at first, but I love to learn so I wanted to find out if this book really is all it was talked up to be. Turns out, I got a lot more than I was expecting!

As stated above, I find the UM to be a bitter sweet journey for me because most of what I have been taught through my years of schooling, the UM has shown to be incorrect. However, what I have enjoyed most about the UM and what it contains, is that what is presented in the book is simple and easy to understand. The UM has really opened my mind and my thoughts to what has been taught during my years of school and to learn the real truths with what nature has to offer. I find it amazing how you don’t need complex equations and formulas to depict what nature has to offer and it doesn’t require a Ph.D. to understand the principles found within the UM.

I would recommend this book to anyone with the slightest interest in science and anyone who has a desire to learn simple truths. If you approach the book and it principles with an open mind, I can assure you that your life will truly be changed for the better and allow you to fully appreciate the world around you!

Victor C. Crane, Metallurgical Engineer, USA